cnf full form

What does CNF mean?

CNF stands for Confirmed Ticket which means boarding the train with a confirmed ticket. it also posses a meaning cnf full formof your previously RAC /WL etc ticket is now confirmed. it is a status show when your tickets are fully confirmed and you are all set to go.  for example, your ticket of train or else is a bit late due to any reason and they are later confirmed then your ticket status will be shown as a Confirmed ticket or CNF.

Other Similar Terms:

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  • Compressed Natural Fuel
  • Conjunctive Normal Form

What is Conjunctive Normal Form

CNF also refers to Conjunctive Normal Form which is a form of a boolean formula which states that if it is a conjunction (sequence of ANDs) consisting of one or more conjuncts, each of which is a disjunction (OR) of one or more literals.

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