Difference Between Circle And Sphere

the basic Difference Between Circle And Sphere is that a circle is a figure and is 2D (two dimensional). we can only calculate the surface area of the circle, not volume whereas a sphere is an object which is 3D (three-dimensional) having a specified volume. we can calculate the surface area and volume of the sphere too.


many people confused about these two shapes and think that both are the same. although the circle and sphere have perfect symmetry around their center points and both are circular objects there is a lot of difference between them.

talking about the circle, it’s a two-dimensional object while the sphere is a 3D object. all their points lie at the same distance known as r (radius) to its central point O.

Difference Between Circle And Sphere

What is a Circle?

it is a locus of points that is equivalent to the given point at its center. the distance of any point on the circle from its center is known as the radius of the circle.

the area of a circle is equal to π 2  by having no volume .so, we can say a circle can be defined completely from its central point (O) to its radius (r). where r is the length of the radius.

in the purpose of geometry, a circle is a well-known and commonly used figure. as the circle is very popular every day using examples in many fields of sciences such as geology and geography. an ellipse is a modified shape of a circle. the formula of the circle to find its area having a radius r is πr2. 

What is a Sphere?

as of circle, A sphere is a three-dimensional object and geometrical shape in space. it is a locus of points having a fixed distance from its center of the sphere in space. the distance of any point on the sphere to its center is known as radius r.

on the other hand, half of the sphere is called a hemisphere. so, a big circle of spheres cuts it down into 2 hemispheres of equal lengths.  a great example of the sphere is playing any kind of ball on the ground such as cricket ball, hockey ball, tennis ball, or foot ball.

all are examples of a sphere. the diameter of the sphere is a line that connects its two most distanced points through its center point and hence made the longest straight line.

a circle is a by-product of intersecting a sphere into two pieces. moreover, we can find the area of the sphere by using the formula 4πr2. to find the volume of the sphere we can use the following formula 4/3πr3. in both formulas, r represents the radius of the sphere.

Key Points – Circle vs Sphere

  • a circle is around an object in the plane while the other is in space.
  • the circle is known as two dimensional and the sphere is three-dimensional.
  • we can only calculate the area of the circle but in the case of sphere area and volume can be calculated.

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