Let Me Draw You A Heart

Similar to a circle.
Which has no end.
Let me draw you a heart.
And see what you’ll place in it?

Will it contain love?
And all the feelings that goes with it.
Let me draw you a square.
And see what you place in this shape style box?
Just remember what I’m asking you to do?

As I illustrate various objects for you.
Let me draw you a triangle.
With three pointed ends.

I betcha you can’t stop my love from traveling.
Cause ever since I met you.
My heart is beating rapidly.
In all these things I drew for you to place your thoughts.
Remember this.
None of these designs came with a cost.

Except one stands out over all the others.
It’s the shape of love that we spent time comparing it to.

So let me draw you a heart.

The heart that accommodates the great mystery of the Universe
within the mystery of the Human Heart.

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