Loving the lovely cliché day

Love’s taking the place ~ from sunrise to sunset to the next morning sun arising love . . .

Reconsider the possibilities:
We could organize a cosy, tasteful
private picnic, exclusively for the two of us.

The world is capable to amuse
Itself without us and at the same
Time it is willing to magically sustain
The soft meadows fully drown in blooms
Intoxicating nectary scents and colorful visages.

You can take me by the hand after the sunlit
Lovely day of making love in the intimate shadows
The ancient trees were blushing with different hues
Of green; such was the intensity of the Sun’s lovings …
Caressing gentle leaves, smooth and elegant were they,
Moved by the naughty breezes, lovely trembling motions.

My emotions are dedicated to you, my sweet beloved man.
When we watch the Moon in its summer night’s glory,
Shining as beautiful as your hearts desires, illuminated
With one love, with Venus and Jupiter travelling across
The velvety arc. There ~ I see the Spica on the horizon!
Sailing on its mystic trajectory among sibling stars,
flickering wonderfully as fireflies around us, listening
To the murmurs of a nearby brook, inspiring the crickets’ songs.

It’s raining again today…

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