can write whatever ~ want

In the midst of cosmic allures and misty mountains
floating through the vastness of space and time oceans waves were licking your fragrant feet tickling you in a charming mind-boggling sensation starting from your traveling lines across acupressure spots massaging your head and navel through meridians running up along your
tree veins not forgetting to suck too grounded wide cute toes
climbing vigorously up to knuckles
affirming your upper musculature as a living statue
of wit and limitlessness of a great spirit, i love you!
We waver in wonder why there’s such exuberance:
There is pure oxygen! Let us inhale. Breeze deep. Emerald lake is a gem tear falling from my left eye and at the bottom of your right one I inquire with curiosity ~ oh, wow ~ deep blue aquamarines drowning in wisdom…writing!

Imagined by



The pen can be mightier than the sword but it still comes at a price.

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